Department of Atomic Energy Awards:

Year Award Name Awardees / Group Leaders Topic / work for which award is given
2020 Group Achievement Award (GAA) A.K.Singh Development of Indigenous 180 kW plasma melting furnace.
2020 Group Achievement Award (GAA) K V K Deshpande Indigenous Development of Manufacturing of UNSN08800 ā€˜Uā€™ Bend Steam Generator Tubes for 700 MWe PHWRs.
2020 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Utpal Singha Development of process flow sheet and Manufacturing of Titan 24 tubes.
2020 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Rama Ramesh Model predictive control for the critical zirconium solvent extraction operation resulting in 100% productivity increase.
2020 Group Achievement Award (GAA) K.S.Subramanian Development of Robotic aided fuel bundle handling and inspection system for 700 Mwe PHWR.
2020 Homi Bhabha Science & Technology Award (HBS&TA) D.Pramanik
2020 Scientific & Technical Excellence Award (S&TEA) Gourahari Das
2020 Young Engineer Award (YEA) Imran Khan
2020 Young Engineer Award (YEA) Nishant Rai
2020 Young Engineer Award (YEA) Ayan Jain
2019 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Dr. A.L.V.Kumar Reddy Conceptualization, development, design, fabrication, erection & commissioning of automatic scrub slurry transfer, collection and its recycling system at calcination furnace (CF) of UOP.
2019 Group Achievement Award (GAA) A.Maruthi Ram Development and manufacturing of 220MWe Pressure tubes by New modified route for EMCCR.
2019 Group Achievement Award (GAA) U.K.Arora Development & Manufacturing of Alloy-617 Tubes for Advance Ultra Super Critical (AUSC) Boiler Application.
2019 Group Achievement Award (GAA) M.V.Ramana Development and manufacturing of Zr-1%Nb autoclaved flared tubes and rods.
2019 Young Applied Scientist / Technologist Award K.I.Vishnu Narayana
2019 Scientific & Technical Excellence Award Vijay Kaushik
2019 Young Engineer Award Baidurjya Nath
2019 Young Engineer Award Ankit Agarwal
2018 Group Achievement Award (GAA) B Kamlesh Kumar / R K Chaube Development of Automated Ultrasonic Testing System for evaluation of PHWR Fuel Tube and Fuel Pin End Closure Welds.
2018 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Dr. Setty Establishment of manufacturing and QA facility for 700 MWe PHWR Fuel for Safeguard Reactors.
2018 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Ashok C Wali Technology Development and Manufacture of Core Sub-Assemblies for 13 MWe FBTR.
2018 Young Applied Scientist / Technologist Award Raman Kumar
2018 Scientific & Technical Excellence Award Sanjoy Saha
2018 Young Engineer Award Chetan Katakam
2018 Young Engineer Award Aman Agarwal
2018 Young Engineer Award Mohit Narang
2017 Group Achievement Award (GAA) B Chandrashekar Development & Manufacturing of Superni Tubes.
2017 Group Achievement Award (GAA) N S Dayanand Development, Installation & Commissioning of TDU.
2017 Young Applied Scientist / Technologist Award (YASTA). M. Chaitanya Reddy
2017 Young Engineer Award (YEA) T Satish
2017 Young Engineer Award (YEA) S K Tiwari
2016 Group Achievement Award (GAA) G Kalyanakrishnan Record Production of NFC
2016 Scientific & Technical Excellence Award (S&TEA) S. K. Pathak
2016 Scientific & Technical Excellence Award (S&TEA) Y Sanyasi Raju
2016 Young Engineer Award (YEA) A Shashank Reddy
2015 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Y Subba Rao Development of Indigenous "Fully automatic hydraulically operated powder compaction press".
2015 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Meena Ravindran Design & Manufacturing of Special Purpose, continuous furnace for heat treatment of Superni - 42 tubes under inert gas.
2015 Group Achievement Award (GAA) D Pramanik Innovative process development in melting for enhancement of productivity and curtailment of fire hazardous alloy turnings.
2015 Young Engineer Award (YEA) J. Venkata Swamy
2015 Young Engineer Award (YEA) A D Deshmukh
2014 Group Achievement Award (GAA) Dr. N Saibaba Record Production of NFC.